Getting the Most Out of the Course

To benefit from the course we should set some time aside for study, practice, and reflection.


Each unit will take between around an hour to, watch, read and absorb. However, you are encouraged to progress at your own pace. You will have ongoing access to the course, so feel free to take the time you need.


In addition to the online elements of The Boundless Heart, you are asked to commit to 20 minutes of formal meditation practice each day.

You may choose to bring your meditation practice off the cushion. Try meditating while walking, standing, or lying down. While practicing, your intention is to focus diligently on the meditation object.

Each unit contains new guided audio meditations that you can use as the basis of your home practice. One of these will be a self-timed meditation. This means that you set the duration of the session and decide the pace at which the meditation unfolds.

You may choose to do more than 20 minutes of meditation each day, and that is fine if you feel comfortable doing so.


At key points in the course you are invited to reflect on what you have learned. Of particular interest is how you might integrate this new knowledge into your practice and daily life.

You may choose to keep a journal. There is also the option to make notes on each page of the course. Notes can be found in the navigation menu.

Occasionally, you will be invited to share your reflections with the group as part of an online discussion. This is optional but can be fun and beneficial.

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