Course Features

The Boundless Heart integrates several features designed to make learning more effective and engaging.

Instructions for Practice

Video Talks

Sharon will present four wholesome mental qualities in a series of video talks. These are sometimes known as the "brahmaviharas", the "divine abodes", or the "four immeasurables." They are:

  1. Lovingkindness
  2. Compassion
  3. Sympathetic joy
  4. Equanimity

Guided Meditations

Sharon will guide you through each heart quality—lovingkindness, appreciative joy, equanimity, and compassion—with a series of audio meditations. Each unit contains meditations you can listen to on the go, whether you’re stuck in traffic, riding the train, or just lying low.

Street Lovingkindness

In her Street LovingKindness video series, Sharon brings the formal meditation practice of lovingkindness, or metta, off the cushion and into your life. By expanding your circle of kindness, you will explore new ways to interact with the world around you and discover deeper connections and joy right where you are.

Interactive Learning


Quizzes will help you check your understanding and reinforce memorization. These can be useful when learning subtle concepts and tricky terms.


If you feel it is beneficial, you can be creative during the course. Express an idea or feeling that resonates with you by taking a photo, writing down your thoughts, or doing something small and unexpected.


Group Discussion

Ask a question, start a discussion, or offer your take on the teachings. This is a space for you to share your thoughts with your classmates. 

Living It

How will you bring your practice into everyday life? You are invited to reflect on this, and to share your aspirations for your practice with others.

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