Welcome to the Course

Vidyamala welcomes you to this six-unit program, Freeing the Mind When the Body Hurts.

The BE AWARE acronym

"The approach that I'm offering is based on an acronym for six steps that we will explore in the six units of this program."

Be present

The first step is being present: learning how to be here with our experience just as it is, transforming our reactive tendencies.

The second step is acceptance and kindness around the pain or the difficulty.
Wake up to wonder

The third step is waking up to wonder. How beautiful, discovering that there's always something pleasant, even beautiful, that we can tune into when our awareness becomes more refined and sensitive.
Arising and passing

The fourth step is arising and passing: living with flow. This is important and profound. We realize that everything is changing, everything is process, including what we relate to as pain as if it's a solid object. That too, is process.
Relate and connect

The fifth step is relating and connecting: realizing that we're not alone and our experience of pain or difficulty can become a point of empathy rather than a cause of isolation.

Finally, the sixth step is to engage with all of our life. How can we bring this training into all the moments of our life?
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