Meet the Teachers

Let's meet our teachers for this exploration of the five spiritual powers.

Christoph Köck

So that's the power of this teaching: how can we bridge this gap between what we believe in and how we actually live our lives; and what we have already experienced and understood, and how we live our lives. What does it take to bridge that gap? What kind of effort, what kind of mindfulness? What's the role of collectedness in that? In this pathway, what we understand, what we believe in, and how we actually live becomes one.

Christina Feldman

I feel quite delighted to explore these five spiritual powers in this context. I feel that is a greatly overlooked and somewhat neglected pathway of awakening in the Buddhist teaching. It's rare to see this particular combination of these five faculties brought together in this way, beginning with this quality, this faculty and this power of confidence.

Jake Dartington

It may be that at this stage of my practice in life, there's something about renewing a sense of trust and confidence. You know, many decades later that initial trust and confidence has shifted and changed as it inevitably would. There's possibly also something about what sustains energy with a long term practice. Again, the initial energy we have—a little bit like the honeymoon phase of our practice—gets us so far. And as we practice longer, the question might be, "What keeps this going?"

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