Course Features

Course Features

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Laura and Martine welcoming you to the course

6 hours of video teachings

Enjoy a well-crafted curriculum with presentations, meditation, self inquiry, and daily life tasks—all designed to bring the paramis into your relationships.

Martine teaching, smiling

Your life is the teacher

With guidance, we can see opportunities for growth and sincere practice right where we are. We don't need an ideal lifestyle to make progress. We work with what arises.

Laura teaching

Experience greater ease in relationships

When we bring awareness and kindness to unconscious patterns of relating, we often find that a shift takes place...

A woman wearing a Buddha mask holds a child on her hip.

Integrate your practice and your life

The Buddha said that community was the whole of the holy life. But sometimes we draw artificial lines around our practice: on retreat/off retreat; on the cushion/off the cushion. What happens when we remove these binaries?

A young woman looks into a mirror

Explore your relationship to life

We cannot always change our circumstances or the people around us, but we can change how we relate to life. As we bring the paramis into our lives, we cling less and therefore begin to suffer less...

Laura meditating at Gaia House

Timeless methods

Our method is to bring mindful curiosity to our experience, and to creatively unbind ourselves from well-worn habit patterns. This is the wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition, Burmese vipassanā, and Korean Sŏn Buddhism that we learn from Laura and Martine.

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