Course Introduction

Effortless mindfulness is a dimension of consciousness that is already innate within us. So how do we access it? We'll begin this journey by taking a step back from the cloud of our contracted, chattering mind, so that we can start to shift into a place that is aware, connected, and open-hearted.

This week, we'll dive into the foundations of effortless mindfulness, see how it differs from other mindfulness practices, and familiarize ourselves with the basics.

"This is the ability to shift our consciousness in the midst of our day from contraction to effortless awareness."

Course Schedule

Each unit will offer roughly one hour of material to work with. There will also be suggested take-home practices, including guided audio meditations, for you to explore throughout the week ahead.

Unit 1 | Introduction to Effortless Mindfulness

Learn about effortless mindfulness and how it differs from basic mindfulness

Unit 2 | Awareness of Awareness

Practice identifying awareness and other faculties of mind

Unit 3 | Awareness Is Intelligent

Train in being aware from a sense of spaciousness and well-being

Unit 4 | Effortless Mindfulness Embodied

Feel fully embodied and present in a state of effortless mindfulness

Unit 5 | The Science of Effortless Mindfulness

Learn about concepts such as the default mode network and flow states that can inform our practice

Unit 6 | Effortless Heart Mindfulness

Cultivate compassion that arises naturally from a ground of open-hearted awareness.

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