Welcome to the course! Here, Andrew introduces the Going Forth program.

"There is more satisfaction to come from seeing the true nature of things than there is from disguising their true nature."

Going Forth is comprised of eight units. Each lesson is intended to be undertaken in the space of a week, allowing for time to absorb the material, reflect on it, and integrate it into your life. All of the material is available immediately, and you are free to progress at your own pace, on your own schedule.


  1. Heeding the Call
  2. The Qualities of One Gone Forth
  3. Reasons for Going Forth
  4. Reflecting Upon Important Matters
  5. Finding the Middle Way
  6. Ordinary and Extraordinary Joy
  7. Freeing the Mind
  8. Bhaddiya's Bliss

Each weekly unit will offer:

  • An introductory video explaining the context of the week's teachings
  • Opportunities to check your understanding, reflect, and discuss what you have learned
  • An “In Practice” video in which Andrew connects the teachings to our everyday lives
  • A chance to explore how the original language guides our interpretation
  • Audio narration and commentaries to provide a deeper perspective on the text
  • A passage of text to explore and understand together.