Mindfulness for Kids (and Parents!)

An online course that helps families be happy and calm

"I feel more relaxed. Every time I have an attitude, when I breathe it calms me down. Now when I go into the classroom I don't worry about what everyone says." —4th grade student.

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Strengthen mind and body

Join Ali, Andres, and Atman for six lessons in mindfulness and yoga that anyone can do at home—with your family, or by yourself. No special equipment is needed.


With guidance from Atman, Ali, and Andres, you can:

  • become relaxed and resilient
  • build confidence
  • release stress and difficult emotions
  • increase physical and mental strength
  • enjoy a calm family environment
  • help and inspire others around you
  • practice with family and friends
  • have fun and be healthy!

Eight powerful exercises

Loving kindness – Be friendly to yourself and others.

The Stress Breath Keep your head in any situation.

Breath Meditation Relax and feel at ease.

Taking Anger Out of the Equation – See clearly, respond calmly.

Belly Breathing – Use your full lung capacity.

Next Thought Meditation – Find mental stillness.

The Five Rites Stay flexible and strong.

Chair Class – A yoga routine you can do in a chair.

Easy but effective

Anyone can practice these techniques and start making progress. As you keep practicing, your ability will increase and you'll see bigger gains in physical and mental strength.

Have fun while learning

Learning about your mind is an adventure, and it can be a lot of fun. Atman, Ali, and Andres share their wisdom in a light-hearted way.

Start today!

Mindfulness for Kids and Parents is available right now. Sign up and start following the guided exercises on a computer, phone, or tablet. With unlimited access, you can review the videos at any time.

"The best thing I learned from you was loving others. Not to hate each other. I will always remember you." —Student

Meet Atman, Andres, and Ali

Brothers Ali and Atman Smith met Andres Gonzalez at the University of Maryland College Park. During this time they began their journey on the path of yoga practice. They began learning more about yoga and developing their practice under the guidance of Ali and Atman’s godfather. As young children, Ali and Atman actually grew up with yoga in their home, with their father having them meditate every morning before school.

After college, the three moved back into the house that Ali and Atman grew up in, in West Baltimore. Ali and Atman immediately noticed that the sense of family that was present in the neighborhood when they grew up there was gone. The Smith brothers remembered when they were living there as children, the neighborhood was like one big family, and the “older guys” in the neighborhood served as mentors and big brothers to all of the younger kids. They saw that as an important factor in their own growth and development. They knew that they wanted to do something to help bring that feeling back to their neighborhood. In 2001, they founded The Holistic Life Foundation.

The Holistic Life Foundation

Since 2001, The Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) has provided yoga and mindfulness education for underserved residents in the Baltimore community and beyond. Through a comprehensive approach that helps children develop their inner lives through yoga, mindfulness, and self-care, HLF demonstrates a deep commitment to learning, community, and stewardship of the environment. Since its inception, HLF has facilitated yoga, mindfulness, and environmental-based programs for youth in schools, recreation centers, group homes, the Baltimore Juvenile Detention Center, and other venues.

HLF has facilitated adult programs in many different settings, including drug treatment centers, mental illness facilities, colleges, senior centers, schools, and wellness centers across the nation. HLF is also committed to developing high-quality evidence-based programs and curriculum to improve community well-being.


Praise for The Holistic Life Foundation

"Sometimes when I get mad I just breathe deep. I just picture me being in a certain place I like, and I think of being a bigger person and doing something maybe a wise man would do..." —5th grade student
"They love the children, they love the community, and they are an asset to Robert W Coleman. There are some children who have anger management problems. The yoga program has enabled those children to do meditation techniques and instead of reacting and getting angry, they’ve learned how to meditate and redirect their anger." —Carlillian Thompson, Principal, Robert W Coleman Elementary School.
"The kids are changing before their very eyes and Baltimore is a better city because of their work. Knowing how yoga has helped me synchronize my mind and body and build resiliency, when I saw young, inner-city Baltimore youths sitting on yoga mats practicing mindfulness, I immediately wanted to see that in cities across the nation." —Congressman Tim Ryan, Democrat, Ohio.
"When we had to take a big test I took deep breaths to stay calm and just finish the test. When everybody around you is making a lot of noise, just try to tune them out... and be yourself, do your breathing." —5th grade student.
"Ali, Atman, and Andy were able to engage with my students around mindfulness practices in ways I never could. I am grateful that they have opened a door for me that I was really struggling with." —Heather Robertson, teacher.
"I think it is awesome how you started this generous foundation to help kids act and feel better. I bet all the kids you help really appreciate what you do for them." —6th grade student.
"My favorite breath that you taught was the belly breath. This breath helps me be a better student because it is restful and helps me focus. Also, it is calming and helps me sleep." —Student.