Meet the Teachers

Meet your teachers for this course: Atman, Andres, and Ali. They started the Holistic Life Foundation as a way to share the benefits of meditation and yoga.


Atman Smith

"I played men's basketball at the University of Maryland College Park, where I had a great time. And now I'm a co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation."


Andres Gonzalez

"I'm Puerto Rican, I was raised close to Baltimore. The main thing I'd like to share to the audience about myself is that my practice changed my life. These techniques that we're about to show you hopefully will impact your life in the same way."


Ali Smith

"I grew up meditating. Me and Atman are brothers. My dad taught us to meditate when we were kids. I'm also a father. I have two sons who I meditate with. I wish it were nightly but we meditate a lot and they really love the practice."

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