Meet the Teachers

Let's get to know Laura, Gavin, and Martine: our guides for this journey.

"I am deeply interested in how we bring our insights on the cushion into our ways of relating and being in the world, and particularly in response to the serious issues of our time. How can I do the best I can to support the ending of suffering in the world?"

"In my own life, the need to embrace impermanence and imperfection feels so important as we turn towards the collective crises of our era. The changing nature of reality empowers us to respond and engage, and to discover our inseparability with the world around us."

"When I started meditating in a Sôn temple in Korea, I had an understanding of impermanence but it was very superficial. Until I saw the last breath of my father, and at that moment I really experienced impermanence. Wise compassion arose and totally changed my relationships with other people."

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